Autumn Forest

About MCToolkit

The Foundation

MCToolkit’s roots start from Pylo’s application called MCreator. When Pylo said MCreator would be ending, some of the community members hopped to action and started planning for a way to keep the community alive, so MCToolkit was born. As of 2021 things have been a bit easier for Pylo with the help of some of our team members working on pull requests on GitHub. We have worked out a deal with Pylo to continue development for the project once it becomes too much to maintain for the founders of MCreator.

What we are Doing Now

We have been hosting events on the official MCToolkit discord server, providing people with a place to get help with their MCreator mods and share their content with the community since we have founded MCToolkit. We host building contests, mod-making competitive, and other fun events that bring the community closer together. Our staff is community-driven right now, and all money for the project gets put towards things we will need for the things we need for the project and charity to make the world a better place.

Future Plans

We have a small team of people helping moderate and work on things. We plan to work toward expanding the software across many other games in the future, and maybe even make a game of our own when we are more established.