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Armor is an item that is used as a defense item for players or entities in vanilla Minecraft. In MCToolkit armor is mainly for players and can be used for many things with the availability of procedures and triggers.

Custom armor can be both vanilla model armor or custom 3D armor models, using .json files. You can use a program such as Block Bench to make custom models for your armor although it’s tricky to do currently.

You can find information more in-depth on the mechanics of Minecraft armor on the Minecraft wiki page¹ for vanilla armor.


Needed Resources

Prepping your resources

You will need the following resources to make an armor element.

Resources needed

  • One or more item textures:
    • Helmet item texture
    • Chestplate item texture
    • Leggings item texture
    • Boots item texture
  • Both armor model layer textures:
    • filename_layer_1.png
    • filename_layer_2.png

Importing armor layers

First, we will import the layer textures for our armor. Follow the steps below to do just that.

  1. Go to the resources tab, then the textures files tab.
  2. Select import textures.
  3. Select import armor texture.
  4. Then select your layer_1.png and layer_2.png textures.
  5. Then click done.

Importing your item textures

Next, we need to import the item textures for our armor. To do this follow the following steps.

  1. Go to the resources tab, then the textures files tab.
  2. Select import textures.
  3. Select import item texture.
  4. Then click done.

Element settings


In-game name

This is the name that will be displayed when you hover over the armor piece.

Armor checkbox/texture

The checkbox for the armor will enable or disable the item from being used in the game. The texture selection box is for the items for the armor set.


This is an optional setting for custom models for armor, you will need to import a JAVA model file then select the type of model it’s for, then select the texture for that model.

Special information

This is the lore text that is under some items in the game. You can use color codes using the § sign than the color code id to change the color and formatting of the text.


Armor layer texture

This is the texture you have created or imported for your armor.

Creative inventory tab

This is what creative tab your armor items will be listed under the default creative tab is combat. If you have custom creative tabs they will also show in this list.

Armor equip sound

You can also set the armor equipping sound the list of vanilla armor equipping sounds name are listed below.

  • item.armor.equip.chain
  • item.armor.equip.diamond
  • item.armor.equip.elytra
  • item.armor.equip.generic
  • item.armor.equip.iron
  • item.armor.equip.leather
  • item.armor.equip.netherite

Maximal damage that armor absorbs

This is the durability of your armor items. Armor items have a set value listed below which is multiplied by the number in this box (Base durability * this setting.)

  • Helmets: 13
  • Chestplates: 15
  • Leggings: 16
  • Boots: 11

To further explain the if you were to set the value to 25 in this field and want to know how much the durability for the chest plate is, you need to multiply 15 by 25 which is 375 points in durability.

Vanilla values are listed below.

  • Leather: 5
  • Iron/Chain: 15
  • Gold: 25
  • Diamond: 33
  • Netherite: 39
  • Turtle Shell: 55

Damage value (helmet, body/chest, leggings, boots)

This is the amount of damage the item takes when the player takes damage while wearing the armor. 

Iron armor values are below.

  • Helmets: 2
  • Chestplates: 2
  • Leggings: 5
  • Boots: 2

Diamond armor values are below.

  • Helmet: 3
  • Chestplate: 8
  • Leggings: 6
  • Boots: 3


This controls how good the enchantments are for the armor set.

The values for each armor material are listed below.

  • Leather: 15
  • Golden: 25
  • Chainmail: 12
  • Iron: 9
  • Turtle Shell: 9
  • Diamond: 10
  • Netherite: 15


Toughness increases the protection value of the armor most armor except for a Diamond and Netherite every other armor has 0.0, Diamond has 2.0, Netherite has 3.0

Repair items

This is the item used to repair the armor at the anvil. You can select more than one item, none, or just one item.


Armor triggers allow players to become creative with armor and what will happen every time the procedure is called. Using the procedure editor allows you to make your armor more advanced than vanilla armor.

Trigger list

  • Helmet tick event: This procedure will run every 1/20 of a second.
  • Body tick event: This procedure will run every 1/20 of a second.
  • Leggings tick event: This procedure will run every 1/20 of a second.
  • Boots tick event: This procedure will run every 1/20 of a second.


  1. Minecraft Wiki | Learn about vanilla armor on this Minecraft wiki page.