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Advancements are also known as achievements are a mechanic built into Minecraft that can reward the player and notify other players someone has done achieved something in the world. You can reward the player in a few different ways run procedures and even change the background of the advancement category. There is a Minecraft wiki page¹ that explains in detail how advancement works.


Element creation

This guide will show you the steps needed to create the mod element.

Creation steps

  1. Import resources (optional)
    • Import a 16-pixel by 16-pixel texture for the background of the GUI screen.
  2. In the workspace, tab select Mod Elements.
  3. Click the green plus icon
  4. Select the element that says “Advancement”
  5. Set the element name to a unique name not yet use in your mod. Only use Letters and Numbers of the English Language.
  6. Fill out the settings how you want your advancement to operate.
  7. Click save mod element.

Element settings

The following section covers the configuration of the element settings.

Advancement display parameters

This section covers Advancement display parameter settings.

Advancement GUI name

This is the friendly name that the parent or task name is displayed. If the advancement is configured to be a parent then this will be the tab name for the advancement group. If it’s a task then this will be the name that is displayed for the advancement task.

Advancement description

This field provides a short description of how to achieve this advancement. e.g. “Kill a goblin”.

Advancement icon

The icon is can be a block or an item in your mod. This is the icon used for your display image for your advancement.

Advancement background

This is your advancement background texture, we suggest using the vanilla default background 16 by 16 pixels. The texture will repeat automatically.

Advancement type

This can be one of three options. These don’t hold much use other than the shape of the advancement type and some other display properties.

  • Task: A basic advancement type with a simple shape.
  • Goal: A harder advancement to achieve with a more round shape.
  • Challenge: A really hard thing to achieve normally within vanilla Minecraft.

Show toast when complete

This is a checkbox that enables or disables the popup notification on the top right corner letting you know you have unlocked the advancement.

Announce to chat when completed

This is mainly for multiplayer support and will notify other players in the save when someone unlocks the advancement.

Hide if not completed yet

This will hide the advancement until it’s unlocked by the player.

Hide advancement display

This will display the advancement in the advancement screen when it becomes unlocked. This is very useful for making automated recipes to unlock when the player obtains an item in their inventory.

Advancement logic

This section covers advancement logic and rewards.

Reward XP

This will reward the player that unlocks the advancement with experience.

Reward function

This will run a function for the player that completes the advancement.

Reward loot tables

This will reward the player that completes the advancement with a random item from a loot table.

Reward recipes

This will unlock recipes for the player that completes the advancement. This is really handy for automatically unlocking recipes when the player has an item in their inventory.

Advancement trigger builder

This section covers a brief overview of the trigger builder.

Basic information

This section is for programing the event in which the advancement becomes completed. There are a few built-in options that can be really useful. You can also have the advancement run via a procedure if you select “utility triggers” then “Custom trigger (using procedure commands)”


  1. Minecraft Wiki | Minecraft wiki page on advancements.