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The Future of MCToolkit

Date posted: 2021/06/18

Hello everyone! Some of you may have noticed that MCToolkit has not to be released just yet. Our team is eager to release a snapshot. However, it’s not possible until MCreator is fully released to ensure workspaces are cross-compatible. Publishing our work right now will not have cross-compatible workspaces support from MCreator. Also, there may have other issues for mods made with MCToolkit/MCreator if we move forward. Currently, many of our developers are helping MCreator with updates to help them with their releases. Some of the things we have made may make their way into MCreator during this time. Currently, we will not be working much on MCToolkit because we have a small development team, and many of them are helping Klemen at the moment. Our future may have a few directions it may lead. We have been working with the developers of MCreator. We may have a few options where MCToolkit may go in the future. The first we may end up doing is helping to maintain and add features to MCreator while using MCToolkit for generators for other games in the long term. The second option is to wait until MCreator can’t be maintained by Pylo anymore and development stops and then move forward with our intended plans. We will keep you posted on any changes in the future. We always want to ensure that our community stays informed on changes such as these. We thank you for your patience and look forward to resuming our development for the project.

Help Translate MCToolkit!

Date posted: ????/??/??

We are in need of people that can help translate MCToolkit to their native language. If you can help us translate MCToolkit then please help us on our Crowdin account.

MCToolkit is Moving Accounts!

Date posted: ????/??/??

We are currently in the process of moving our YouTube channel to another google account. We will have a few sister channels for different languages in French, English, Italian, and Spanish. We will update our new channel links when everything is ready!