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CCTV Craft

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Welcome to CCTV Craft!

CCTV Craft is a Minecraft Modification. Whether you want to spy on your friend's house on a server, or you want to keep an eye on your village, Our mod will provide you the tools to watch whatever you want anywhere you want. We have used MCreator to make this complex mod from the ground up. The mod is maintained by NorthWestTrees Gaming. Currently, we have limited features but we plan to add more content and release stable builds as the development goes on.

Current Features

  • Three kinds of cameras (Ceiling, Block, and Small cameras)
  • One kind of monitor.
  • Action Floppy Disks to preform actions for both cameras and monitors.
  • Security Floppy Disks to set permissions for the devices.
  • Remote Floppy Disks to connect to a remote camera.
  • Monitors both have coordinate based connection or remote floppy connection support.
  • Advancements and Recipe Learning


Upcoming Features


- Alternate Camera Styles

- Alternate Monitor Styles

- Copper Ore

- Jammer Blocks

- Worktable

- Worktable Shelf


- Battery Cell

- Copper Wire

- Copper Ingot

- Worktable Recipe Book


- Advancements unlock new recipes now.

- Worktable Recipe Book shows if the recipes are unlocked.


- Reworking the names of the advancements.


- Complete overhaul of the permission system.


- Floppy Disks have been adjusted a bit.


Official Sites

CCTV Craft GitHub

CCTV Craft CurseForge


Downloads / Snapshots

Download the latest stable release here.

Download the latest snapshot here.


Change Logs

3.0.0, 3.1.0,

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This seems like a cool mod! I'm going to check it out 😀

I tried to run the mod but it failed. I left a bug report on the GitHub.

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Wow this is really cool