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Name of the Root that lets you share the Health, Effects, and Hunger as everyone else who chose this Root. Poll is created on Apr 25, 2021


I am Root (Canceled)

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Hi, this is a mod I am currently making. It is similar to the Origins mod by Apace100 (Origins Mod) but instead of Origins, there are Roots. These Roots allow you to have multiple abilities like healing when killing a mob or not taking damage in fire/lava, but some can hinder you adding extra challenge. This mod is supposed to make the game easier or harder depending on what you chose. This mod is nowhere near being done but I did publish a version on CurseForge - (no available anymore)

I made a Wiki on GitHub with all the Roots and some of the other features in the mod - Home · MrCreeps/i-am-root Wiki (

Also this might be the first poll on MCToolkit but I want to see how it works. I currently have an idea for a new Root but I am not sure how to implement it. (I closed it due to bugs :/)


Hi I decided to stop developing the mod, here is a link to the mod since it is no longer on CurseForge -

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Wow this is really cool

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