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Expanded is a mod that is going to add a lot of new content. Currently there is only 3 dimensions, the Eclipse, the Twilight, and the Desolate. The Eclipse and Twilight are the only 2 real dimensions as the Desolate is just a sandbox dimensions where you can build or test anything you want without having to switch worlds. Expanded adds a lot more than Dimensions and Biomes, but that is the main thing it adds. I made a few videos of the mod on my YouTube channel -

If you want to see a LOT more videos on the mod than on my main channel check out my second channel, MC Expanded Modding - MC Expanded Modding - YouTube
FINALLY there is a download link 😀 - Expanded - Mods - Minecraft - CurseForge

I hope to add something that will wit almost anyone's playstyles from building, cooking, farming, exploring, and dungeons crawling.

Hope you have fun (in the future) 😀

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Wow this is really cool