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Q: The forum post button is broken!
A: Try clearing your browser history mainly browser cashes this seems to fix the issue. We are currently trying to fix this issue on our end.

Q: Where can I post my mods?
A: You can post them under the mod's topic under the category that best fits your mod.

Q: How can I share my mod if I can't attach my mod file?
A: You may use another side such as Curse Forge to share your files or even GitHub to host larger files then link to those sites.

Q: Can I make more than one post for the same modification?
A: No, only post one topic per modification, making more than one post for the same mod is considered spam.

Q: Can I post my MCreator mods here?
A: Yep, that is fine, you may even link to your MCreator page if you like.

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