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This event is an official event hosted by MCToolkit. You may use mods you have made with MCreator, read the FAQ below for more information.



FROM: April 23rd 2021
TO: May 15th 2021



If the website or contest rules are not followed, the modification will reject the entry form the contest, and the person or group will not be able to participate in the next event.
- One submission for each person or group. If you submit several entries, the last one is what we will use for the contest.
- If you are working in a group, you are required to list everyone that has worked on the mod on the mod's page.
- All rules of the MCreator’s website and our rules.



All entries are rated on the following criteria.
- Originality.
- A well-presented modification page.
- The quality of the assets (textures, models, sounds, etc.).
- Complexity of the world gen.

The score will also be out of 10 for each criteria.

Just remember Quality over Quantity.



Q: What modification types are allowed?
A: The modification types allowed are Forge and Fabric mods, Data Packs.

Q: What are the awards if I win?
A: We will not be giving any awards for the best modifications.

Q: Can I use any Minecraft version I want?
A: No, this contest is only for the recent and supported Minecraft version. Only Minecraft versions 1.15.2, and above are supported. Snapshots are allowed if you wish so.

Q: How do we participate?
A: To participate in the contest. You only need to make a page on the website for your modification and give the link. You do not need to write a specific thing in your modification’s name. Then give us the link of your Minecraft modification in #contest-submissions.

Q: How many submissions are allowed for each user?
A: You can only submit one thing for the contest.

Q: I already have a mod. Is it possible to use it?
A: Sure. The goal of this contest is to help you, so if you already have something you like, you can submit it and improve it during the MCreator contest.

Q: Can I record a video or create timelapse/cinematic to show the content of my submission?
A: Yes, you can, and you do not need to speak. It will help us a lot. However, if you want to talk, please speak in English only so we can understand.

Q: Can we participate in a group?
A: Sure. Teamwork is essential in modding and building!

Q: Can I use plugins in my workspace?
A: Yes, we would not have Fabric mods allowed otherwise.

Q: Can I use code elements?
A: You can use code you have made, but your modification has to use mainly MCreator.

Q: What is the theme of the contest?
A: For this MCreator mod contest, there is a theme which is World gen. Meaning you can add biomes or dimensions or adding world gen features to vanilla biomes.

Q: My mod has won a MOTW. Can I use it?
A: Of course, you can use it. If it is the best thing you have made, there are no reasons why you should not use it.

Q: How log does the event last?
A: This contest will run from today (April 23rd) until May 15th. Which is 3 weeks from today.

Q: What is happens if my modification is rejected?
A: Your modification will not get checked. Depending on the reason, you will not be able to participate in the current edition and the next edition (not for all cases).



Join our discord server (requires ages 13+) and share your .jar mod with us in the #contest-submissions channel under the category MCToolkit Mod Contests. Make sure you export your mod as a .jar and not a .zip workspace. If you need help with exporting ask the community on the help channel and other community members will be able to help you with exporting your mod.

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