Will the next version be for Minecraft X?

We release updates for other Minecraft versions when Minecraft Forge has a stable build for that version. If there is no stable build released then we do not bother with updating to that version due to how many bugs are in unstable builds.

Will MCToolkit be open source?

Yes, due to legal reasons we are required to have our project open sourced as it uses MCreator’s code.

Will there still be a way to submit feature/issue requests?

Yep! We will be using our GitHub repository like MCreater is doing currently.

Can we donate to MCToolkit?

Yes we are accepting donation. 75% of donations will go to charity where 25% will go to saving for the project to help pay for things we need.

Will we be able to upload our modification to your website?

Due to how much mods can get in file size, the team has decided to integrate other social sites such as Curse Forge for uploads. Most people that have used MCreator in the past would upload to that site and already have an account with them so its easier to have it all in the same place.

Can I link my YouTube channel, or other social media sites to my mod page?

We will be doing our best to provide basic social media sharing options so you can link directly to your YouTube channel Twitter and some other sites that are commonly used.

Will MCreator Workspace work with MCToolkit?

Yes, we have taken that into consideration and we will make sure that you can convert your mods over from MCreator to MCToolkit. It will not be possible to move MCToolkit to MCreator though due to unsupported features.

Is MCToolkit free?

Yep! Due to legal reasons and Mojang not responding we are not able to charge for use of the program. You can still donate if you want to help.

How can I help with MCToolkit?

We are always happy to bring new members on to our team, we mainly look for people that can code. However we also look for people that can maintain the wiki pages, and moderate, do live streams and tutorial videos, and even help with translation into other languages so there is many opportunities for members to help us with the program. Below are some forms for applying to specific areas.

Apply for Developer:

Apply for Moderator: https://forms.gle/PMLxki2J2jAgS2d37