Community Guidelines

Hals Exploration Mod

MCToolkit has a diverse community with members all over the world. Not everyone will have the same point of view. We have some guidelines when it comes to using our services that all members must follow at all times. We hold the right to change, update, add, remove, or modify the guidelines at any point in time with or without notification to our community. We also request that your read our Terms Of Service and Content Guidelines.

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Posting Language

We ask that all members post their comments, messages, and posts using the English language. Most of our moderators speak English, and it can better moderate. We may remove the content from our sites or ask the member to edit the message.

General Conduct

All members must be respectful to some degree to all other members when using our services. Not doing so may result in a warning or suspension for the member’s account.


Trolling is an internet term given to people that post messages or content in the hopes of causing a negative reaction. Their general actions are to cause potential conflict between two or more people or groups that share different points of view. We respect freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Trolling messages will be removed and a warning may be given.

Harassment and bullying

MCToolkit does not stand by bullying or harassment. Doing so can result in an account suspension with all content removed made by the account. Please contact us if you have been a victim of harassment or abuse on our sites. We will investigate the issues and take appropriate action.


MCToolkit has a diverse age group with that we do not allow any profanity on our site. We want to keep the community a safe place for all our members regardless of there age or geological location. You can help us reach this goal by not using profanity.

Sexual conduct

Regarding sexual content, we do not allow anyone to post sexual content on our sites or services. We will be removing such messages or content from our sites.

Inappropriate conduct

Regarding inappropriate content, this can be anything that can be not safe for the workspace. Examples of some conduct are promoting or discussing substance abuse, criminal actives, or telling others to harm themselves or others, and so on.


The material term spam (spamming), is the act of posting content or messages to clutter places other people are reading. For instance, typing, random keys (1flalshtyocx1398!!!!) would be one example of spam. Another example would be repeating emojis or words (me me me me me). Content related could be posting the same mod twice.


Advertisements for other products or services are not allowed on our sites. We will be removing content such as this as soon as we are aware of the post. For example, creating content or posting comments with the intent to gain traffic to external sites or services you or others provide and result in a warning or a suspension for your account on our services.

If you would like to promote a product or services, feel free to contact us to discuss this with the team.