Autumn Forest


The Next Chapter

The original developers of the project were Klemen Pevec and Matej Pevec. The original project was called MCreator and the development started in 2012. In September 2020, MCreator open sourced the project just a week before the developers announced that the project was going to have one last update before development stopped.

MCreator was more than just a Minecraft Mod-making program, the founders looked at it as a community, a place for everyone to thrive with their creativity no matter their age, race, or gender. Many of the contributors of the project that have participated in its development have come together to keep the project alive and keep the vision of what Klemen and Matej originally planned: the community, the freedom to create and inspire others, the freedom of expression, concepts, and friendships. 

We could not keep the name MCreator, so we ended up going with MCToolkit due to a community vote on our discord server at the time. And from there the next chapter of MCreator was born.

Team Spirit

Many of our team members were part of the old MCreator platform, and have good knowledge of how to use the program. Many users met on a gaming discord channel that had the main focus of MCreator. From there, we all decided to start working on keeping this project alive for the community.

MCToolkit's Community

The community is a great place for all ages to learn coding, how to manage teams, and work on projects. MCToolkit has a built-in code editor that can show code as you develop your mod. People are generally friendly and will help if you ask for it. From all of us at MCToolkit, we welcome you!